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30 July 2011 @ 04:46 pm
Name: Christy
Age: 23
Location: USA
What's in your journal: Bits of different things.
What rating is your journal: Depends on my mood. Mainly Rated all ages.
Favourite HP character(s): I love mostly everyone, but Snape is my fave!!. Lupin comes in a close second.
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Movies, Music, Roleplay, blah blah.
Friending policy: Well it's friends only, but I friend mostly everyone.
Hogwarts house: *Sobs* I don't know anymore.
Familiar: Owl, toad or cat? As in real life? I don't have one, but my fams got two birds. But if I had to choose probably a cat.. always wanted one.
Favourite Hogwarts class: Potions, mixing things together is fun... even when you don't know what you're making.
Favourite pairing(s): Slash - Snape/Lupin, Remus/Sirius, pretty much every pairing with Snape or Lupin. I also love weasley/blah pairings. Het- Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Snape/Lily. 
What you do in fandom: I mostly read, but I have a couple of fics that I've written... none finished.
What you can offer to friends: Friendship?, talk of fandoms, um... I'm not sure.. I know I suck terribly.
How long you've been in fandom: I'm mostly just a lurker, but I've been into the fandom since the beginning.. haha.
Other fandoms you like: Just got into Glee, Stargate Atlantis, Kpop, X-Files.. more.
Other comms you like: ......
Anything else you'd like to share:  
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misbehavingmommisbehavingmom on August 12th, 2011 04:25 am (UTC)
Yum!!! Severus/Remus is <3<3<3

Snape is the best thing ever!!
Christysnapexprincess on August 12th, 2011 04:34 am (UTC)
Oh I know, I know!!!!!